Monday, January 9, 2012

Is it bad to put egg shells down the drain?

When I make a hard boiled egg, I usually cook them and then peel them under running water to remove any small pieces of egg shell and for convenience. So, my question is; is it bad for the plumbing to put egg shells down the drain, even if you use the garbage disposal?

Is it bad to put egg shells down the drain?
No. I do it all the time. The disposal breaks them down into little white flecks and they go down the pipes as easy as can be. Always make sure you keep the cold water running while you are grinding and for a minute or so after you shut off the disposal to make sure they keep moving along
Reply:I don't think it is bad for the plumbing but it may stop up your pipe if you are not using the garbage disposal.
Reply:yes, well i dont think it will mes up the pipes or anything but its better to peel them over a plate or pot or strainer then thow the shells away. (probably better for water)
Reply:I know alot of people who do put egg shells down the disposal, but they don't totally dissolve so they are kind of hard on them. Also, potato skins and onion skins I've heard also aren't great, they can clog them up. Putting eggs shell straight down the drain can't be good for the plumbing, because they don't dissolve.
Reply:It is bad to put any hard subtance down the drain ,rice grain etc
Reply:The only good place for an egg shell is in a compost pile for growing a nice garden that will produce more good food!
Reply:yes they gey get stuck to the inside of pipe and cause more build up
Reply:only if the shell is from the rare in dangered green turtle
Reply:If you continue to do that then you are going to have a messed up drain and a very expensive Plumbing Bill
Reply:Yes. If you keep doing this you will get a huge I mean HUGE clog of eggshells in the drain and will be very expensive to pay for. And chances are, you will not get it fixed correctly.

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