Friday, January 27, 2012

Do aquarium snails outgrow their shells?

I purchased a Golden Mystery Snail from my local Walmart.

Will he outgrow his shell, and if so, how much larger of a shell do I need to get him? Also how long do they usually live?

Do aquarium snails outgrow their shells?
The shell will grow with the snail.
Reply:Snails grow their own shells. This is where snail shells come from. He will just keep getting bigger and bigger.

They usually live for 2-3 years but I have had them live as long as 5 years.
Reply:they live between 2 and 4 years, they do not outgrow their shells, although ones in the wild do
Reply:3yrs to 5yrs if well cared for, their shells grow with them which is why its important to add calcium to the water, this can be done by crushing old sea shells or buying liquid calcium usually made for corals, just make sure it's just calcium so its safe for freshwater tanks.
Reply:The shell of an aquarium snail is like their skeleton. It grows with them just as our own skeleton does. The snails usually live around one or two years.
Reply:It's a calcious growth, and it will continue to grow with the snail.
Reply:the shell will grow with the snail

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