Thursday, January 12, 2012

What kind of paint should i use for shells for hermit crabs??

i want to paint my shells that the hermit crabs can grow into. but don't know what paint is safe for them.

What kind of paint should i use for shells for hermit crabs??
There is special paint i belive they sell @ your local pet store but i think a cute color is hot pink with blue dots
Reply:Most hermit crabs hate paint. It makes their shell hot and slimey. But if you are desperate... try to go to google or yahoo and search hermit crabs. You can buy safe shells that are very pretty like your description and are made naturally! Good luck! Report It
Reply:u can use acryllic paints but do NOT paint the shells when the crabs

r in them and before letting the crabs in the shells let the shells dry for at least 24 hours then just put the shell in its cage.
Reply:No paint is safe for them. Plus the paint will eventually chip, peel and look really crappy. Your hermits will look better %26amp; be healthier in natural shells.
Reply:Try a organic, nontoxic paint, like paints you use to paint your face that should probably be okay for them.
Reply:Tough call. If you use acrylic, it's a polymer that uses a fermaldehyde derivative, if you use oil, it's innocuous to humans but you don't know. Any kind of paint uses a pigment. Some organic, some inorganic. I'd go with oil, then check the colors individual you are going to use. Check ' Artists Beware ' a kind of HAZMAT treatment for paint slingers. Interesting monicker you have there. Do you?

well i dont really know, but u can go to the mall at a shop, and they somtimes hav em!
Reply:Acrylic paint is the safest option.
Reply:I thought you had to use medication when you had crabs. It's safer than using an icepick.

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