Tuesday, February 7, 2012

What can i make from pistachio shells?

Corlette is one hip Clevelander with a story to tell. But what's almost more interesting than his stories is what he uses to tell them--pistachio nut shells! It all started when he tried to entertain his children while waiting for a doctor's appointment. As the children grew restless, Corlette pulled out a handful of pistachios from his pocket, divied them up, and started drawing faces on the nuts in one child's hand and a body on the child's palm. Although some may have thought Corlette was nuts, the entertaining trick took off and soon he was incorporating pistachios into paintings and drawings. Now, there is no end to Corlette's nutty projects, from men's ties to women's bracelets and decorative bar stools to playful children's shadow boxes.

What can i make from pistachio shells?
LOL A mess! (Shoot, someone already beat me to it... ) Keep away from a small child, it's a choking hazard!
Reply:a mosaic,

you can paint them different colors and glue them onto...trays, piture frames, mirrors or whatever.

how about that?
Reply:You can make great guitar picks out of them :)
Reply:You can make little man figurines
Reply:jello makes pitahichio pudding . Mix it with that
Reply:A mess, if you drop them on the floor.........seriously, maybe tiny little sailboats?

That's okay, coorissee, we can share - great minds think alike.
Reply:Drill little holes in them and make jewelry: necklaces, bracelets, etc.

Glue them to boring old picture frames to give them texture.
Reply:glue them to your car and turn it into a tank.

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